OUR VISIONS: To work in an environment of trust, respect, and mutual cooperation with our clients, suppliers and business partners. To satisfy our customer’s business needs and desires in such a way as to promote our own personal growth and development.

OUR MISSION: To create value and make a difference.

Elena Byrne – founder of Elle’s Interior Visions

Elena Byrne, founder of Ellevations, hails originally from Moscow and is currently based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches . Upon arriving in Sydney over twenty years ago, it was here that she discovered her passion for design and architecture. She broadened her design vocabulary through a Diploma in Architectural Technology and a Certificate in Interior Design.

Professionally Elena’s devotion to quality, personalised service and customer consideration has made her company, Ellevations, a stand out in the industry.  Elena’s architectural drafting skills have assisted many architects, building designers and individuals with their projects.  This varies from full DA/CC documentation, 3D Modelling, Rendered Imagery and many more. 

Elena is an avid fan of traveling, where she has been met with inspiration for her creativity and her passion for life itself. Never one to back down from getting into the heat of the matter she is not intimidated by taking on a new adventure. Even when it comes equipped with the rather boisterous sport of quad bike riding. An avid fan, such could be said of her golf game as well. A recently added forte, Elena describes her love of the “gentleman’s game” as having a little hate in it as well.